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Effel Tower in Paris, France
Flag icon of France


Paris, a capital for young people. A reputation which remains strong even till date! is offering booking on lastminute deals on hotels, apartments, budget accommodation in youth hostels. 15 to 25-year-olds have so much to choose from: shopping in hip places for urban trendy or cut-price designer fashion or partying in the capital’s numerous bars and clubs. As for cultural visits, national museums are now free for young Europeans aged under 26! For others you may explore our "Buy Tickets Online" section. Young people can’t get enough!

Hotels in Paris
Image showing beautiful buildings over looking the clear blue ocean in Crete, Greece
Click here to view hotel deals in Greece city of Crete


Crete is the Greece's largest island, and is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. According to the Greek mythology, Zeus was born in the Ideon Cave on Mt. Ida which is the tallest mountain in Crete. Checkout the list of Tripmart Exclusive last minute deals on hotel bookings by clicking on the link below.

Hotels in Crete
Image shows the stunning architecture of the Budapest Parliament building
Visit this link to checkout amazing last minute deals on hotels in Budapest, Hungary


Budapest, the capital of Hungary is often described as the "Little Paris of Middle Europe". The city is famous for monuments, Museums and gallaries, churches and synagogues, palaces, baths and pools which reflects its own 1,000 year old culture and also for relics from other communities that settled here. You would find the remains of Roman occupation as well as Turks prominently in Budapest. has compiled a comprehensive list of hotels which can be booked online in Budapest.

Hotels in Budapest
The Statue of Liberty in New York is 152 feet tall and raised on a 150 foot tall pedestal all together reaching 302 feet. It is made of copper and gives greenish hue.
Image Alternative text

New York

New York city also referred as The Big Apple is the most populous city in the United States. It is a center for media, food, culture, fashion and trade. It is also home to the iconic Empire State Building which is one of the tallest and most famous landmark. We encourage you to explore the various accommodation options and Attraction Tickets while in New York.

Hotels in New York

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